Dipingere a olio con David Dalla Venezia



Dipingere ad olio: seminari il fine settimana con David Dalla Venezia.

Prossimi appuntamenti:


15/16 dicembre


19/20 gennaio

16/17 febbraio

16/17 marzo

20/21 aprile

Orario 10/17 con pausa pranzo alle ore 13.



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Un pensiero riguardo “Dipingere a olio con David Dalla Venezia

  1. Margarita Deryabina scrive:

    I would like to come to a weekend course by David Dalla Venezia. I have been taking oil painting classes in Paris for 4 years and I would like to see some other teacher/artist. I have some questions:
    Is the course in Italian, I suppose? Would I be able to understand something if I speak perfectly French and Spanish?
    Is there practice involved or only theory?
    how much does it cost?

    thank you in advance for your reply.

    best regards,

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